The Northport Arts Association is a non-profit (501c3) organization started in 2013 
to support the arts in Northport, Michigan
We do this by:
1. Creating venues for artists of all kinds to exhibit, enact, market their work
2. Providing vehicles for teaching, integrating, networking the arts

Northport Arts Association

    Arts For All in Northport Michigan

Support the NAA

Your support makes it possible for us to promote the arts in Northport, provide new venues for artists, and implement classes and programs within the community. 

You can donate securely via PayPal using the button below. The Northport Arts Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.


NAA Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Northport Arts Association is to foster and promote artistic expression throughout the Northport Community

NAA Operational Principles and Policy

“We, the members and board of the Northport Arts Association, will fulfill our artistic and community obligations by focusing on the highest possible standards of performance; by serving a broad artistic community; by making the Village Arts Building available for Art and Art Education under the best possible terms for Artists, Art Educators, and Art Students; by developing new and original works of arts and opportunities for new talent; and by regularly providing exhibits and performances that engage both the general public and the local community in the greater world of the Arts.”