The Northport Arts Association is a non-profit (501c3) organization started in 2013 
to support the arts in Northport, Michigan
We do this by:
1. Creating venues for artists of all kinds to exhibit, enact, market their work
2. Providing vehicles for teaching, integrating, networking the arts

Northport Arts Association

    Arts For All in Northport Michigan

2018 Classes

All classes take place at The Village Arts Building unless otherwise noted.

Please PRE-REGISTER for classes using the "Sign Up for a Class" form below the class descriptions. 

It is important that you register prior to the class so instructor knows what is needed for class preparation.

At this time we ask that you bring a check to the class to make payment. 

     (NOTE: please read descriptions of classes as some may have different requirements for payment)

We are pleased to offer the following classes and studio time:

Open Studio

Making Art Together 

Every Thursday, 10am-1pm

If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, Open Studio will not be open.


Class has been cancelled until further notice

Tom has been admitted to Meijer Heart Center in Grand Rapids. Heart surgery is planned for 2/14/18. He will remain in Grand Rapids for at least 2 weeks after the surgery then home for continued rehab. 

Please keep Tom in your thoughts and prayers. 


Make It, Take It!!

Second Thursday January - April 1:30-3:30pm

with Barbara Waddell

Cost $15.00 per class  (includes materials)


February 8th    Unusual Bookbinding 

March 8th         Tapestry- Small Loom Weaving 

April 12th          Small Art Quilts 

Painting with Oil & Acrylic

February 20 - March 27, 1 - 4:30pm (6 sessions)

with Denice Goldschmidt

Cost $150.00 Members, $165 Non-members


My hope is that we will complete two still life paintings, in class. For homework during our 6 weeks together, I will encourage each of us to work on a painting at home and bring it to class each week for critique. This will strengthen our skills of working on our own and yet have others to help us make decisions.

Bring a photo or selection of photos you'd like to paint at home during our 6 weeks together. It would be ideal if it were photos you have taken.

*I have a personal request. I am allergic to strong fragrances. If you are accustomed to wearing perfume or scents, I ask you to refrain during the day of our class time. 


Canvases: 2 (two) 16"x20". Michaels always has a good supply. Get ones that are stapled on the back, not on the sides. This way, you have an option of framing or not framing.


(Oils: 1.25 fl. oz. tubes, Acrylics: 4 - 5 fl. oz. tubes)

Titanium White

Cadmium red deep

Cadmium yellow deep

Sap green

Purple - suggest Diaxazine Purple

Raw Umber

Alizarin Crimson


lemon yellow

Cadmium orange

Prussian Blue


A note about brushes: The better the quality, the better they will perform and the longer they will last. I clean mine rigorously and they have lasted for more than 30 years!

Size 6 Bright (square ended flats)

Size 14 Bright

Size 6 Filbert (round ended flat brush)

Size 12 Filbert

Palette knife - get the one with a rounded end, not pointed end.

Paper palette at least 12" x 16" - or a palette you have and are used to using. Some use plasticized paper plates. Best to use a white one.

One roll of paper towel

Oil painters

Two (2) - 1 pint size jars with covers for veg. oil for clean up. Veg. oil and Palmolive dish soap will be supplied. 

(Oil paints come in water mixable form - clean-up is easier with water. If you are a beginning oil painter, this is a good choice. If you choose to move to full oils, these will not be wasted because they can be used with the full oil paints. For this class, regular oil painters will use vegetable oil to clean brushes to avoid chemical odors. If you use odorless cleaner, bring it for me to pass judgment on it. Turpentine and even mineral spirits will not be allowed. These are not wrong, but for health reasons we will clean our brushes initially with veg. oil, then Palmolive dish soap.

Acrylic painters

Cans for water

Retarder to keep paints from drying too fast

Small spray bottle for water to keep paints from drying. Michaels has them. Google - keep acrylic paint from drying out. It has good ideas of how to store your acrylics and how to keep them wet overnight and longer.

Apron or paint shirt to protect your clothing

Regular pencil and eraser to sketch out your composition for your painting. Paper will be supplied.

General comments:

Check Michaels and places on line like Dick Blick for supplies

Some like to use disposable vinyl gloves. I do. Any hardware store or pharmacy carries these.

Questions? Contact Denice Goldschmidt. 231-386-9058 [email protected]
Meditation through Movement
February 21 - April 11, 7pm
with Rebecca Dujanowicz, LMT/HTP
Cost: $15.00 per class or $115 for series


Chakradance is a healing practice of balancing your energy through dance, meditation, visualization and mandala creation.
Class starts with an opening meditation to quiet our minds.  There is a short warm up of deep breathing and grounding of our center.  Then we move into the class itself.  Becca will guide each participant through visualization & you will allow your body to move in whatever way feels comfortable.  
Each week will focus on a different Chakra:
2/21 base/root chakra         
2/28 sacral
3/7 solar plexus
3/14 heart
3/21 throat
3/28 3rd eye
4/4 crown
4/11 integration
After completion of chakra focus, we do our mandala art.  Each participant draws what comes to their mind.  Afterwards, we have short discussion and closing meditation. 

Come back often to see more class offerings!

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Paying for Classes

We apologize, but currently the option to pay for classes on line is not operating. Payments for the class can be made at the class. Checks should be made out to the Northport Arts Association.

(NOTE: please read descriptions of classes as some may have different requirements for payment)

PRE-REGISTRATION - Please sign up for the class using the form to the left. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been received within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation within that time please email [email protected] to confirm.

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