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Member Meeting Note August 14, 2017

Posted by NAA on August 21, 2017 at 1:20 PM

Members Meeting August 14, 2017
Board Attendance: Chris Verdon, Tom Woodruff, Linda Bayer, Gene Rantz, Nina Collins
Call to order 7 pm

President's remarks 

- Exciting month of July with all the shows and potluck.

 - Last week community feel good effort. Over 200 people came in to paint the mural. It was done Friday afternoon. People were invited to come in on Sunday to see panels. Public arts committee has been working on for 9 months, like birth of a beautiful baby. Ernie Barry and Kat Dakota have been working endlessly from start to finish. Mural Dedication Friday September 1, 6pm at the Marina. 

 - Thanks to Tom Whitney for all his work supporting shows and Bob Bayer for photo documenting the season and all the volunteers this summer.

Vice President report 

Second the thanks to the community for the active participation on the panels. Thanks to Bill and Nina Collins for the building/space that has helped make this happen

Treasurer's report – Print outs were availabel for review

NAA $12954.70

Cars As Art $5267.00 (will be used to purchase computer, software and AV equip.)

SPARK! $323.00 (pending confirmation of an Express ad)

NAHE $3904.00 (a portion will help with ENS show in September)

Plein Air $5263.00 (Pending invoice from Mimi for food)

NOTE: Events did not earn 2 years of operating expenses as rumored. They did very well over all and will help support the organizations needs and programs for 2018.

Exhibit's Chair report - None

Instructors synopsis of classes

Denice – Oil & Acrylic painting. Students have a choice of what medium to use. Hoping students develop the ability to “See”. Start with looking at what we’re painting, looking at shape and working in to value (shadowing) continuing with color and texture to create depth. Choice to work from photo or still life. Suggest still life, taking 3D to a flat surface. Then incorporate the individuals part of themselves in the art. There will be critiques, won’t hold back truth.

Marilyn – Liquid acrylics on Yupo. Questions at her “one woman show” led to having the class. Starts 8/23 thru 8/25.

Debra Howard – Color theory. Taught on the east coast. 8/31. For every level of artist. Will have a presention on when she was the curator of the art history program on Tangier Island. Date pending on A/V equipment.

Nancy Fitzgerald – Light and Darkness poetry class. Great spot to bring creative spirits together. Bring together writers. Successful in Omena. Explore everyday life, call forth it’s richness…. Sept 11 – Oct 2.

Karin Fish – Eco Dyeing on Paper Sept 21, 1:30-4:30. Look what nature can create on watercolor paper. Will make 4 prints each. Natural tanins and pigments from plants release color. Talk about eco printing on textiles.

Photography group this Friday at noon. Take about what we want to do with photography within the organization.

Please pre-register for class at northportartsforall.com

Public Arts Committee report Ernie Barry – 9 month of planning, discussing and executing. Over 200 people, controlled chaos. Dedication Sept 1 6pm, before music in the park. Thanks to Colleen Cooper, Kat Dakota, Tom Woodruff, Bob Smart, Betsy Ernst. Could not have done a project of this scope if not for the building. Thanks to Bill and Nina. Kat Dakota – Thanks for the opportunity, building and amazing team. Many hours involved. Project pulled in cross generations. People helping each other and building relationships. Felt it went very smoothly. Put the time in to make logistics work and flow.

Emily Nash Smith Encore show Reception Friday Sept. 22. VanPelt family come and talk about ENS and her influence on the generations. Continue thru to Sept 30 at Uncaged. We need people to be on the show committee to help plan the event?

Suggestions/ideas/questions from the floor

Dog Parade – thanks to Kathy & Dick Martin and Peter Davidson for the running dogs and all who marched with us.

Colleen – Thank you to everyone on the board for all the time and making it seem seamless.

Patty – Leelanau UnCaged Sept 30. Still openings for artists with their own tents. Sign up by 9/15. Colleen asked if there could be booths at NAA building. NAA gets the end of Mill St, Come up with how to draw people to the building for ENS.

Gene Rantz – Plein Air. Weaning himself away from running the show. Looking for someone to take over, he will help out. Goodwill that this building and Plein Air has done for Northport. Discovered Northport as the place to paint. 52 painters came this year and that is about right. Thanks to Judy for stepping in to Judge.

Open Board positions – still need Secretary or Treasurer and an At-Large position filled.

Adjourn - Tom moved to adjourn, Linda seconded Linda second

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